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About Much Kneaded Massage in Calgary


Welcome! Though this site is currently under construction this is what I can tell you...

Much Kneaded Massage is a home base massage therapy clinic located close to downtown Calgary, Alberta.  I, Erika Reibmayr, have almost 20 years (2024 ;-) experience in the art and science of healing the body.  I have recently embarked on Feldenkrais Teacher Training that will further help people address their tensions, anxieties, bring greater mobility and sense of well being through gentle touch and movement.  I use a variety of manual therapy techniques such as Thai Yoga Massage and gentle mobilisations, as well as deep tissue massage  to relief pain and bring about  a sense of ease and wellness. 


I look forward to meeting you and discussing with you how I may help. 








An opening!! I know my calendar seems overly tight this summer but a spot has just opened up on July 19 for table or Thai massage between 1:30 and 3. Head to the website or DM me @harrisonneef #massageyyc #calgary #massage #appointmentsavailable #muchkneadedmassage

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