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Feldenkrais Method Calgary

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The Feldenkrais (Fell-den-krise – rhymes with rice) Method is somatic education that teaches movement through purposeful awareness. It was created by Moshe Feldenkrais, an engineer and martial arts expert who studied body mechanics, human development, and neurology to understand human function. The Feldenkrais Method is a result of those studies. The purpose is to learn about your movement patterns and how to move with less effort and more efficiency. This is done by using gentle, slow movements so that the sensory details can be experienced. Movements you may have forgotten about or have become too afraid to make are relearned. These new movements are important because they break habitual patterns that may cause you pain or avoidance. This altering of the brain’s neural network is called neuroplasticity. 

Functional integration (FI) lessons

Feldenkrais Method one-to-one individual lessons are known as Functional integration (FI) lessons. The sessions last 45- 60 minutes and take as a starting point some movement that you are interested in improving or a situation that you are having difficulty with. This can be pain or tightness anywhere in your body or improving a function, such as gardening, golfing, or picking up children.  You remain clothed and the session may include sitting, lying or standing. More often than not, you will lie on a wider and longer massage table. 

 I, as the practitioner, will move you by using gentle non-invasive touch. Feldenkrais himself often likened FI lessons to partner dancing. In an FI, I develop a lesson custom-tailored to you that can relate to a particular desire, intention or need that you have. I will dialogue with you through gently touching and moving you in a process aimed to help you to become aware of both how you move already and possibilities for new ways to sense yourself.

You don’t need to do anything in particular during the session except attend to your sensations. You will find yourself subconsciously self-assembling a new neuromuscular organisation that will become apparent when you stand up at the end. The result is more choice and flexibility in how you move through your life.